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“If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Home Inspections


   0-2,000 SF – $400
2,000-2,500 SF – $425
2,500-3,000 SF – $450
3,000-3,500 SF – $500
3,500-4,000 SF – $550
>4,000 SF – Call for a quote

**New build Final inspection or 11Month Warranty Inspection add $50


Condo up to 2000SF -350.00

Condo 2000SF-3000SF-400.00

Condo over 3000SF- Call for a quote

Thermal Imaging included in all Home inspections

Wind Mitigation Florida

Wind Mitigation or 4 Point Inspection 
$125 Each without Home Inspection
$75 Each with a Home Inspection


4 Point Inspection

Mold Inspection & Fee

A standard mold inspection is $395 for two indoor air sample and one outdoor reference sample.  This fee includes a visual inspection, moisture assessment using a moisture meter and IR thermal imaging, lab fees for the sample analysis, next day results, and a full report.

For larger houses or commercial properties, the number of samples will vary. Additional samples after the first two are charged at the rate of $75 each.

Turnaround time for sample analysis by a certified lab is 48 working hours.

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